What do Mom’s really want for Mother’s Day? So many of us moms if you were to really ask us would tell you it’s not about the gifts but the experiences we have with our children or on our own. In fact, most moms say they just want to spend time with their children and no cooking for the day.

As our children start to grow up and move away, the experiences take on a whole new meaning. It’s rare that we get to spend time with them if they have families of their own or they are busy working and being parents.

If you have toddlers or young children then it’s about the peace and quiet you get, a nap or a day without running around doing everything for everyone.

Maybe, you love a family outing where you get away from the house that is a constant reminder of cleaning, cooking and planning the week ahead.

We have some fun ideas for you to consider when it comes to Mother’s Day and all of them are budget-friendly or don’t cost a thing at all. Make memories with or for Mom this year. You will be very glad you did.

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"A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.” – Honoré DeBalzacli

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1. Cook A Meal for Mom

Ask Mom what her favorite meals, snacks and treats are. Tell her to write down what it is she would love to have and then get the kids to work on preparing it for her.

Cook her favorite breakfast, create a smoothie for her before she gets to exercise or take a leisurely walk outdoors. Make her favorite dessert for later or prepare a healthy meal she loves to have with minimal ingredients or prepared foods from the market.

Make things as simple as possible for the younger kids to join in. A prepared Quiche from the frozen section of the store to throw in the oven, some muffins and bagels from a bakery and fruit make a nice brunch. Just have the kids put things on nice plates, set a beautiful table with flowers and wait on her first (because we all know she is the last to eat her meal each day). Maybe she loves French Toast or Pancakes. Those are easy things to get the kids cooking for her.

Desserts can be Brownies from a mix or a fun Banana Split Bar where everyone gets to make banana splits after a favorite take out meal. Want some cute bowls? Head to the Dollar Tree and search out fun ice cream bowls for the occasion. Freeze Scooped Ice Cream Flavors into cupcake wrappers and put them in cupcake tins in the freezer. Take out the frozen scooped ice cream for everyone to use for their creations. This saves time and the kids can help scoop everyone’s favorite flavors ahead of time for a fun project.


Eggs in a Hole


Salad Ideas Easy for Kids to Prepare

Banana Split Bar

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2. Let Mom Sleep

Let’s face it, we all would love some extra sleep and Mom is no exception. To feel relaxed and not having to rush or get up and go every day is a plus. Getting to sleep like she is a kid again is the perfect way to start her special day.

Have her fill out a Room Service Card the night before with her breakfast requests so you don’t have to disturb her and she can write down what time she would like to get up and be served.

Create a beautiful tray with a picture frame and have the kids paint or color something to put in the frame. Serve her breakfast on that tray. A Gift and Breakfast in one. Maybe she has some favorite Teas she loves or Coffee. Make sure you have those ready to be served to her.

Get Mom’s room Hotel Chic Ready. A Do Not Disturb Sign, favorite book or magazine, a nice candle, comfy blankets, pillows and fresh sheets and pillow cases are a nice touch. If she loves to watch tv, have the remote close by so she can stay put with her feet up and doesn’t have to leave the comforts of her room.


Room Service Card And Do Not Disturb Sign

Tray DIY

Bookmark to color for her favorite Book

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3. Digital Scrapbook for Mom

Want to save a little money and create a Scrapbook for Mom? A digital Scrapbook is a great way to get everyone involved and showing mom some love from the computer or your phone. Start with an easy program like PicMonkey or Canva and then using their templates and collages you can add photos taken by the kids throughout the year or from a special day to celebrate mom.

You can also purchase Scrapbook Digital Papers and Clipart from Etsy and use them for the background. Let everyone have a hand at moving things around the page to create a scrapbook page that is all about mom in their words and their favorite pictures.

Add your pages to a google photos movie and add some music. It will take a little education and trial and error to use these things but it is pretty easy.

Don’t want to go the digital route? Use one of our favorite photo book apps Chatbooks to create a book of pics everyone has taken for mom. Get outside and take pics of the kids and their activities and special days with mom, then compile a photo book. Let the kids answer questions and add them to the book too. Like, "What Do I Love Most About Mom?" You can add captions and answers to these books. It's all in the details and Mom's love to hear how they are loved.

Maybe Mom loves to Scrapbook. Buy a fun Scrapbook Kit and have the photos printed up from Costco or Walmart to put in the book together.


Scrapbook Kit




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4. No Chores for Mom

What Mom doesn’t love a day without chores! Have her create a list of things she would want done during the next week or month perhaps. Once you have her list put them on a fun Chore Chart you print from home or give her a coupon booklet filled with things you can do for her. Mom will just tear off the coupon and hand it to the child or teen and the chore must be taken care of. What a relief! No chores for Mom! When you are done how about playing a Chore Chart Hero Board Game you print from home for the perfect ending to a day.


Chore Coupons

Chore Chart Hero Board Game

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5. Mother’s Day Movie Night

Some mom’s love the theatre or just chilling in front of the tv uninterrupted. Sure, you could get her movie theatre tickets for a day but the more inexpensive way would be to create your own Movie Night for her.

Head to the Dollar Tree and purchase Movie Theatre candy, popcorn and pop. Put everything in a fun Bucket and hand her a list of movies she may want to watch. You can even add in a Netflix gift card or pay for a month’s worth of Disney Plus or Discovery Plus (if she loves her home improvement shows). Doing this gives her a month of her favorites! Here’s a great list of Mother’s Day Movies to think about watching with her too!

1. Mamma Mia

2. Wonder

3. The Joy Luck Club

4. Akeelah and the Bee

5. Motherhood

6. Brave

7. Cheaper by the Dozen

8. The Perfect Man

9. Because I Said So

10. Steel Magnolias

11. Baby Boom

12. Step Mom

13. Mr. Mom

14. Troop Beverly Hills

15. Life as We Know It

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6. Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt

Make Mom Search for her Gifts. Perhaps you have a mom who loves games and the excitement of surprises. A Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt is the way to go. We have a few that include printable Mother’s Day Cards, Mother’s Day Coupons and more! Some of the games we love you can add her favorite candy and roll the dice for a win.

If you don’t want Mom to play the game how about using the Mother’s Day Games and Activities to keep the kids busy while she gets time to relax.

Keep watching Grinandprint on Etsy for a Mother’s Day Activity Pack to keep everyone busy or to print for a Mother’s Day Party or Brunch!


Mother’s Day Queen for the Day

Mother’s Day Chore Chart Heroes

Mother’s Day Dice Game

Mother’s Day Chore Chasers

Mother’s Day Activity Pack (COMING SOON!)

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7. Mother’s Day Music Playlist Ideas

A Simple Gift is to sit down and create a music playlist. Pick some tunes you know she would love for her next walk outside or a workout at the gym or home. Create a playlist she can listen to in the car on the way to work or when she runs errands. Find songs that say “Mom” in them. Maybe mom loves Podcasts or Books on tape. Find some favorites and gift those to her too.


Mother’s Day Spotify Playlist from Grinandprint On Etsy

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8. Mother’s Day Compliment Jar

We love this idea! A jar full of compliments, ideas for experiences that mom can use at a later date and chores you can complete for her. Mom’s have days when they are not feeling their best and a compliment jar with quotes, things you love about her and more will help her get through her day with a brighter outlook and maybe a laugh or smile to keep going.


Mother’s Day Compliment Jar Kit

DIY Mother’s Day Compliment Jar

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9. DIY Spa Day for Mother’s Day

Set the scene for this special day. Draw a warm bath and add some DIY Bath Salts you create as a gift. Make enough for another day too! Dim the lights, add candles (flameless or scented), some soft spa music you can find on Pandora or Spotify and maybe provide her with an infuser for oils.

If you want to spend some money buy her a nice spa robe and facemasks to wear while she relaxes in the tub.

When she gets out make sure you have some pitchers of water infused with fruits and some healthy snacks like tea sandwiches and fruit kabobs.

Does she love manicures and pedicures? Treat her to a manicure or pedicure set you purchase online. Buy her a nice foot bath so she can soak her feet whenever she wants after a long day.

All of these things can be used all year long and at a fraction of the price of going to a regular spa.

Don’t forget to hang a “Do Not Disturb” Sign on the door so Mom can have some peace and quiet (see our link to a free one above).




Foot Soaks

Foot Bath

DIY Bath Salts

Tea Sandwiches

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit Water

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10. The Gift of Classes for Mom

If you have a mom who loves to learn new things an inexpensive way to do that is to find classes that she can take online or on YouTube! Create a Playlist on YouTube of some fun things you know she would love to learn and make sure you have all of the ingredients; craft supplies or instruments handy for her to learn them all. Let her choose which one she would love to do.

We created a Mother’s Day Class List just for you to try out. However, you can create a cooking playlist, painting playlist or if you have a piano at home create a playlist of songs she can learn. Why not use Garage Band on your iPad and use that piano to learn some new tunes while watching the piano lessons on your desktop or phone! How fun!

Don’t want to go the YouTube route? How about a paid website like Skill Share where you can learn new skills? Let her pick which one and then pay for it so she can start learning.


Mother’s Day Classes (YouTube Playlist)


There you have it! Our list of things that we know Mom would rather do on Mother’s Day. When it comes down to it, most moms just want to be with the people they love and to put up their feet for awhile without thinking of the next thing they have to do. We hope this list will inspire you to give her exactly what she needs and wants for Mother’s Day and many more days this year. After all she really does deserve it.

Happy Mother's Day!

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