Recreating the Magic of the Fourth of July at Home

With fireworks displays and festivals being cancelled and most parades being scaled back, things are going to be different this year for the Fourth of July.

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Now more than ever it will be important that we recreate the Fourth of July Party and Celebrations in our own backyard.

“I like to see a man proud of the place which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him" - - Abraham Lincoln

Celebrating our country's independence and the birth of our nation is part of our summer. A backyard BBQ and a hometown Fourth of July party can be easy to set up. With a few simple tweaks and ideas that are budget-friendly you'll be on your way.

Here's our list of favorites:

1. Most Patriotic House on the Block

Send out an email, digital invite (we have one you might like here that you can customize) via text or snail mail and announce your "Most Patriotic House Competition". Have everyone gather up their best patriotic decorations and perhaps some lights and get your patriotic house decorating on! Have a ballot so everyone can vote at a certain time of the day. We can customize a special ballot for you in our Custom Order Section of our Shop. Send us a message and we will get started. Send out the Ballot as a PDF File in everyone's email or create a poll on your Facebook Page for all to vote from. Winners with the most patriotic house will win a gift card for their family.

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2. Take A Patriotic Photo

Fourth of July Family Photo Ideas / Fourth of July Party Ideas / Fourth of July Photo Props

Create a backdrop inside or out with streamers, balloons, flags and more. Hand out Hats or Fourth of July Photo Props that reflect the day and take a picture. Don't forget to use a Photo Booth App for even more fun! We have used this "Simple Photo Booth App" for other Holidays and it is so much fun to get everyone striking funny and serious poses. Send your Photo Booth Photo Strips to family and Friends or post on your Social Media for all to see!

3. Fourth of July Car or Bike Parade

Fourth of July Bike Parade / Car Parade / Fourth of July / Fourth of July Parade

Our Fourth of July Bike Parade Ideas include going old School. Grab your bikes and using craft supplies, flags from the dollar store, streamers and pinwheels, decorate your bikes. Have the family ride around the neighborhood in style.

Something else that would be even more fun is to ask the neighbors and family who you can't celebrate with stop by a designated house at a certain time with their cars decorated. Send out a flyer or post over social media to just the people you want in the know in advance. Announce the date, time and where the parade will start and meet.

Here's how to decorate for a Fourth of July Parade: Use temporary car paint or window markers to write something patriotic, add streamers and tissue paper flowers in red, white and blue! Tie Balloons to the car, make signs, wear a costume and add parade float fringes.

Have someone at the front of the line open their window and blast some patriotic music for all to hear! You could even add lights or glow sticks for an early evening parade. Don't forget that parade speeds are between 2-3 mph. Keep your parade safe and fun.

When everyone returns to the start have treat bags ready for the kids to take home curbside. Social distancing and celebrating at it's best!

4. Fourth of July Facebook Page

Fourth of July Social Distancing / Fourth of July Facebook Page Ideas / Fourth of July Party Ideas / Fourth of July / Patriotic Party Ideas

Start a Fourth of July Facebook Page and let everyone you want to be in the know, "Like" your page. Tell family and friends to check in during the day with photos of their backyard Fourth of July Party. Create a trivia game throughout the day and see who guesses correctly. Share ideas and recipes to help everyone plan throughout the week. Don't forget to add some videos and video messages wishing everyone a wonderful, patriotic day and a Happy Fourth of July! You could even start a Live Facebook if you want to get people talking during their day too. Let everyone know what time.

5. Firework Alternatives for the Family

July 4th Fireworks / Fourth of July Fireworks Ideas / Sparklers / Backyard Party / Fourth of July

Even if you can't see the ultimate firework display this year, you can still create some wonderful sounds and sparks of your own in your backyard. July 4th Fireworks in any form are a must for a patriotic party. Sparklers are always the first that come to mind, however, why not try DIY Fireworks? Colored Bubbles, Confetti Launchers, Bubble Wrap to stomp on, Flashlights that flash in color, Straw Rockets, a Laser Show with a Laser projector, Sky Lanterns (don't forget to send up a wish), party poppers, or YouTube Fireworks you can watch on an outdoor movie projector or inside on your TV.

For my family and I it was perfect to just sit in the backyard and watch all the displays going off around our home every year. Someone is usually creating their own spectacular fireworks show near you and you can see them in your backyard too.

Watching fireflies in the dark was even more exciting than the fireworks themselves. Natures firework display can be something to remember!

All of these fireworks for kids are easy and fun to do.

6. Beach Ideas

Beach Inspired / Beach Ideas / Backyard Beach Ideas / Beach Party Ideas / Beach Party / Kiddie Pools / Fourth of July Party Ideas / Sand Box

You don't have to head to the beach this year. To recreate that beach day feel a couple of kiddie pools to splash in and one for some sand and you can cool off and dig your feet in for an epic backyard beach inspired party. Don't forget the picnic and BBQ and it will be as if you were at your local park and beach. Purchase fun Beach Towels to lay out on and don't forget your sunblock. Add a beach umbrella, sand toys and some favorite snacks and picnic foods to enjoy your day.

7. Fourth of July Party Games

Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt / Fourth of July Games / Fourth of July Activities / Patriotic Games / Patriotic Party Ideas

Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day there are so many options when it comes to the Fourth of July games. The best backyard fun comes in the form of kids backyard games you played as a child with your friends on a hot summer day.

Of course we are partial to our Patriotic or Fourth of July Scavenger Hunts. We have two different ones to choose from. An easy QR Code or Traditional Card Scavenger Hunt to find some Fourth of July or Patriotic Items or our indoor Scavenger Hunt with Trivia Questions and a race to find the Patriotic Symbols to return to the National Archives. You get to be the Archivist! Get a Letter from the President (pretend of course) and learn some facts about our Nation's Patriotic Symbols along the way. Don't forget our fun Dice Games too! Build our Lady Liberty or cover our Nation's Flag with Candy.

Looking for more Fourth of July Activities? How about a good old-fashioned jump rope, a game of HORSE Basketball, Jacks, Marbles, 4th of July Bingo (go virtual with this too!), a Patriotic Balloon Pop (one of the balloons has "You Won" in it for a prize), Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar (great to take a pic of and post on your Facebook page to see who will win with the closest guess) and Red Light/Green Light or a game of Catch or Batting Practice. The list goes on and on!

8. Fourth of July Crafts

Fourth of July Crafts for kids / Fourth of July Crafts / Uncle Sams Hat / Patriotic Wreath / Fourth of July DIY

If you need Fourth of July crafts for the kids since there will be younger ones that can't join in on some of the games, then we have some July 4th ideas. A Patriotic Wreath to hang or an Uncle Sam's Hat Competition would be so much fun. Scissors, paper, glue or tape and some glitter are perfect ways to get everyone started. Take pics of all the Hats and their artists and let everyone vote on a winner, or just have fun wearing them for pictures.

9. Camp Fire S'mores

S'mores/ Fire pit / Backyard Camping / DIY S'more's Bar / Campfire recipes

There is nothing like the taste of a s'more or the smell of a fire. Create your own s'mores flavors with a s'mores bar filled with chocolate, graham crackers, peanut butter cups, chocolate morsels or candy. If you can think it, you can try it out. There are so many wonderful ways to up your S'mores game this summer. Don't have a backyard fire pit then create your own area with pebbles and rocks and sternos. Don't forget the sticks. Fondue skewers or bamboo sticks work great for roasting. Here's a DIY S'more's Bar for inspiration. Add some other campfire recipes if you have a fire pit.

10. Nature Walk

Family Nature Walk / Nature Scavenger Hunt / Picnic Scavenger Hunt / Camping Scavenger Hunt / Nature Walk Checklist / Camping Ideas / Picnic Ideas / Camping Games

Maybe you are having a backyard picnic or are doing some backyard camping this Fourth of July. If you are don't forget to add in a little family nature walk somewhere in your neighborhood or a nearby park. A fun thing to add is a Nature Scavenger Hunt to the afternoon. Take the people you are social distancing with and create some teams. This game has some QR Codes or you can just use the Scavenger Hunt Nature Hike Checklist for a quick way to play with the younger kids. Take pics along the way. This game can be played several different ways and printed from home!

11. Patriotic Movie Night Outside

Patriotic Movie Night / Patriotic Movies / Movie Night Outside / Family Movie Night / Outdoor Projectors 2020

Pop the popcorn, grab some movie theater candy from the grocery pickup or store and project a movie onto a sheet outside. Here are some of the best outdoor projectors for 2020. If you have a smaller group just set a laptop or iPad up on a table and you have a movie night at home or a movie night outside. If it rains, no worries just head inside and watch a favorite patriotic movie with pillows and blankets and all of the movie theater snacks. Don't forget a pizza is just as fun as a BBQ on this day, especially if it rains.

Here's a few of the Best Patriotic Movies:

1. Night At the Museum

2.This Is America, Charlie Brown

3.Disney's National Treasure

4.Music Man


6.A League of Their Own

7.An American Tail

8.Captain America, The First Avenger

9.Forrest Gump


12. Patriotic Dance Party or Dance-off

Grab those glow sticks, hang that disco ball or buy a rotating ball that changes colors. Create a Fourth of July Playlist (click on our link to see one we found on Spotify to get you started). Dance on your deck or patio to some awesome summer tunes or Patriotic music. Start the dance tunes after dinner and get the party started before finishing up the evening with your sparklers or fireworks. If you want, add a dance floor and a karaoke machine and YOU CAN DANCE!

Dance Party / Dance Off / Backyard Dance Party / Fourth of July Playlist / Fourth of July Karaoke

Now that you have some ideas don't let this Fourth of July break the bank. When planning for all of these fun backyard games and treats factor in how much everything will cost.

Part of the reason I love Printables so much is because of that budget-friendly reason. Grinandprint is all about making parties affordable for our families. So when I came across "Your Frugal Friend" on Etsy I had to share. Not only does she have Debt Trackers and Budgeting Tools that you print from home but she also has a website and blog that offers up great advice. Head to for more information and home budget ideas.

If you're trying to get back on track to enjoy a debt free life then what better way to start your way to Debt Freedom than on the Fourth of July! Here is her Etsy shop and her Debt Freedom Printable that is on Sale Now! Save 15% off of your order when you use Code YFF2020 at checkout!

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Most of all, enjoy your family and your friends and neighbors while keeping safe this Fourth of July. What are your plans this year? I'd love to hear them.

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Favorite our Etsy shop too for all of our new games, scavenger hunts and invites. Send us a message if you'd like to see something in our shop too! We would love to hear from you.

Happy Fourth of July from Grinandprint!

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