Kid Magic: How to Create a Magical St. Patrick's Day

Who doesn’t love a little magic? It seems wherever you turn there are magical unicorns, pots of gold at the end of rainbows, trips to Disney and the fun of watching a magician perform a trick that although it seems real, the secrets are magical in themselves. We all need a little magic right now. With all the Holiday’s behind us from last year, Valentine’s Day has past we need to find a little more magic to keep each day filled with excitement and joy for our kids and loved ones. St. Patrick’s Day has its lucky leprechauns, gold coins and shamrocks with what we believe has mysterious powers when we make a wish on them. We have a fun list of 6 St. Patrick’s Day Magical Ideas to share with you so you can get started celebrating today!

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"Imagine if we were all Magical Leprechauns, and every wish ever made on a four-leaf clover obliged us to help others obtain theirs. Now imagine if people simply lived like this were true.” -- Richelle E. Goodrich

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1. St. Patrick's Day Breakfast and Foods

What better way to enjoy a little magic than to wake up in the morning to a special day of magical foods colored in greens, rainbow colors and gold. Set up a place setting with some fun Leprechaun Scratch offs where winners get a special prize! Add a fun St. Patrick’s Day Activity Book too! We have both of these waiting for you to download. One is in our shop and the other is FREE!!


St. Patrick’s Day Activity Book

St. Patrick’s Day Scratch Off Cards

Green Food Ideas for the Family

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Ideas

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2. Catch a Leprechaun - Leprechaun Traps

What holiday wouldn’t be complete unless we caught a Leprechaun? Well, at least tried to. History says that if you catch a Leprechaun you will be allowed to make 3 wishes or he will give you his gold! Get out your Legos to create a unique trap to catch the mischievous guy. Don’t have Legos? Use what you have around the house. Paper towel rolls, crayons, a shoe box, an oatmeal container all can be used to create a special trap that you come up with. Have everyone create their Leprechaun Trap, take pics and post them on social media. Ask your audience which trap is the best! Winner gets a special treat!


Leprechaun Trap Ideas Easy

Leprechaun Trap Ideas

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3. St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Ideas

Get out your Shamrock Cookie Cutters, rainbow-colored fruits for a rainbow fruit salad, some broccoli and green colored dip, chocolate gold coins or St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes for a special lunch box treat. Add some St. Patrick’s Day Jokes and Messages you write yourself. What a Magical Surprise for the middle of the day when we need it most. Even Mom or Dad might like this idea too!


Lunchbox food ideas

More Lunchbox ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Jokes

St. Patrick’s Day Lunchbox Notes

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4. Rainbow Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is filled with greens and golds but it also conjures up beautiful rainbows. Rainbows can turn into good deeds filled with colorful cards for someone who needs a little color and magical pick me up in their life. Rainbow seeds to eat (we have an idea for you) and rainbow art to hang all around the house helps usher in the summer that is on its way! Check out our fun idea for some Rainbow Seeds to hand out to family and friends with our tag attached. Color our Rainbow Greeting Card and add your own personal message. Leave the card on someone’s porch with some gold coins or send it in the mail to someone you know. Both are FREE! except the treats of course. Need Rainbow craft inspiration? We have that here for you too. Decorating isn't just for Christmas anymore!


Rainbow Greeting Card to Color

Rainbow Seeds Treat Tag

Rainbow Crafts

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5. St. Patrick's Day Games

We are all about St. Patrick’s Day Games over here at Grinandprint on Etsy and Have you seen all the fun games we have in our shop? Our Leprechaun and Gold Scavenger Hunt is a hit! Need a little Shamrock Shake to go with those real Shamrock Shakes? We have a fun dice game, cover the numbers for the win! How about Rolling a Rainbow with rainbow-colored candies? Add our Rainbow Seeds Tags to some treat bags and hand out as surprises for this game! Keep watching for updates in our shop too! We are getting ready to finish up working on a NEW St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt complete with secret boxes and Leprechaun Doors for the win!


Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt

Shamrock Shake Up

Roll a Rainbow Dice Game

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6. Family St. Patrick's Day Party and Shindig

Grab your favorite St. Patrick’s Day Books to read or a Chapter Book to read aloud to everyone each night in March. Make sure you stop to do a little jig with some music you find on Spotify. Add some food and a Shamrock Cookie Contest to complete the night. Learn how to dance like the Irish do on YouTube and after decorating your cookies post them for all to see and vote on. Winners get a special award. Maybe have a puppet show for the family, wear your favorite green outfits and if the weather is nice decorate your bikes and ride around the neighborhood holding your own St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Having your own Family Shindig can be so much fun and you can make it a day filled with merriment and magic just for you and your family.


Scholastic St. Patrick’s Day Books

St. Patrick’s Day Music from Spotify

YouTube Irish Dance

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Puppets

What do you think? Let’s spread a little Magic in March! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Celebrate Rainbows, make these last couple of months of winter filled with excitement and joy!

Don’t forget to share your fun with us too! Send us something on our Facebook page, or in the comments here on our blog. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your family!

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