How To Have A Virtual Birthday Party For Kids

Who would have thought this would be our new normal? Birthday Parties to keep our distance from each other.

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7 Ideas for Creating Virtual Birthday Parties

Hopefully this will soon be a thing of the past but until then finding a way to celebrate milestones like a Kids Birthday and stay positive at the same time is really important, especially when it comes to our kids.

Virtual Birthday Parties for Kids or any Virtual Parties mean that the celebrations can still go on. A Party for kids via video chat apps or facetime can still include cake, games, gifts and birthday decorations.

Here are 7 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas to consider when you are planning a Birthday Party for Kids and How to Celebrate When You Have to Stay Home.

1. Birthday Party Text Message / Paperless E Invites

Just because you have to stay home and celebrate doesn’t mean you don’t have to send a fun invitation. At Grinandprint we provide the jpeg for the invitations so that you can save them to your computer or phone and email or text them to family members. It’s so fun to tell everyone they are invited to a Virtual Birthday Party with a time, which app you will use to gather everyone together to sing Happy Birthday and if you want them to download a PDF for a game as well as if your child is registered for gifts online. If you don’t have tech savvy people in your family you can mail your invite the snail mail way so those people won’t feel left out. Printable Birthday Invitations from home will make it easy for you to do both the text and the snail mail delivery.

2. Video Chat Apps

Before the birthday party the host/hostess will set up a date to meet with a start and end time for the chat and video. You will need to add everyone to your list of contacts in Skype for instance so that you can create a Birthday Folder, add all the Skype names and then the host/hostess will make the call to everyone when it’s time.

There are several Video Chat Apps such as:

Skype: Allows 4 hours per call and Many Callers

Facebook Messenger: No Time Limit and 6-8 People

Facetime: Unlimited Time and 32 People

Zoom: The most popular video chat right now with a 40-minute time limit for the free version and many callers

Line: Unlimited Time and up to 200 Friends

For Non-techies: Make a Phone Call when you are getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and Put them on Speaker Phone. Have the Child say a little something to the caller.

Make sure everyone is up-to-date with these apps and that they know how to use them.

3. Creating a Family Facebook Page

Start a Facebook Family Page or Birthday Page with the Child’s Name! How cool to see your name on a Special Page dedicated just to you! Make sure you keep the page private and only invite your guests to join.

With the Facebook Page you can keep people in the know about the time, app used, birthday gift registry, and your child’s birthday list updates as well as pictures! Yes, ask people to send pics and well wishes on this page to keep the birthday child entertained and excited for his/her big day. You can also post the invite in there too!

If people have questions, they can send messages and you can get right back to them with links to specific gifts the child wants etc. You can also send everyone a Video Thank You from the Birthday Child once the party is over!

Take Pics of everyone online and the birthday child opening delivered gifts and gift cards and post those too. This will be one for the records!

Of course people will need to have a Facebook Account to join something like this so take that into consideration when notifying people. Some people may need emails or a personal phone call.

4. Birthday Registries

Sign your child up with Amazon, Target, Walmart etc. for a Birthday Registry or send specific links to your child’s favorite items on their wish list when people ask what they want so they can purchase and have the gifts delivered before the party.

Perhaps you can set a time when gifts should be delivered to the home so they arrive before the big day. You could wrap and have the child open the gifts when the party starts online.

Gift Cards from Amazon can be sent via email. Orders of toys, games and more can be sent to your home so make sure everyone has your address. You can share your address via Facebook messenger so it’s not online for all to see on your Facebook family page.

5. Birthday Party Supplies / Birthday Decorations

Pick a theme or use a generic theme for party decorations. Deliveries still exist so plan ahead to be safe. Order paper plates, cups, napkins, banners and more for your birthday party theme at home. Our shop created a Printable Birthday Party Kit with everything you need including a Birthday Game! Our Generic Kit is great for anyone having a Birthday Party.

Birthday Party Decorations / Birthday Party Supplies / Birthday Party Kit / Birthday Banner / Birthday Games

Add the banner in the background so family and friends can see while they celebrate with you. You can ask younger kids to dress up in costumes for some added fun! Maybe your child wants to be the Princess for the day or Spiderman! Ask them to dress up for all to see!

6. Birthday Cake and Birthday Food Ideas

Need Birthday Cake Ideas? Birthday Cakes and cupcakes can be delivered or picked up with grocery pickups now. Baking your own cake will make it extra special too. Bring out the cake and candles so everyone can sing Happy Birthday to the special child. Some interesting places to order special cakes include:

1. Carousel Cakes

2. Goldbelly

3. Send A Cake

4. Bake Me A Wish

As far as a meal goes? Ask the Birthday Kid what their favorite meal would be and cook those frozen pizzas or head to a drive-thru or curbside drive-up from a favorite restaurant or fast food place. Have you seen Chuck E. Cheese? They bring the pizza, favors, and more for a fun birthday idea. You could even have a Birthday Picnic in the house or backyard! If it’s warm you could still have a cook out and film the event outside with everyone who is invited for the video chat!

7. Birthday Games / Birthday Activities

There are so many games for kids you can play online! Video game lovers can set up a favorite game to play with friends. Netflix has watch parties where everyone can watch at the same time, while chatting (great for teens).

At Grinandprint we have fun kids games you can print from home. Buy the party games, send the PDF file to family and friends beforehand and ask them to play a dice game, board game and more.

You also don’t have to worry about the themes. Just play any of the games we offer for some added fun. Our Roll a Birthday Cake is a fun game for everyone to play. Just send the PDF file via email and ask everyone to print their game board so you can play via video chat.

Winners could receive a special prize or favor in the mail once the party is over with! Send it via Amazon or from your favorite store. You will just need the winner's address.

Birthday Games / Printable Birthday Games / Birthday Activity / Birthday Party Ideas

Go old School with games like Charades, Hangman or Guess How Much Candy is in the Jar! You can read a story, tell stories, sing Karaoke (take turns), play d.j. for the day and dance, hold a painting party or have someone you know that is going to show up do some magic!

We have a Virtual Timed Scavenger Hunt Game COMING SOON! to our shop. Subscribe Here! and we will keep you updated! Everyone will be able to get involved! Winners will get a Certificate to Celebrate their win!

I know these times may seem daunting and stressful and as if they will never change but they will. The important thing is that if we have kids we should still make their Birthdays extra special and something slightly reminiscent of the Birthday Parties we always have in our homes with our loved ones and friends attending. I have seen so many people on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter you name it, come together to celebrate the best way they can. I hope these ideas will give you inspiration to plan a fun day for the ones you love.

Send me pics of your Virtual Birthday Party Ideas on my Grinandprint Facebook Page so we can share some positivity. Like our Page for updates too! Birthdays are positive in my eyes. I mean, cake, presents, decorations, games! How can it not be? Virtual Birthday Parties will help us stay safe, healthy, and positive during this time.

Want something fun for just you and your child? Our Birthday Scavenger Hunts are a Best Seller right now. Use the Scavenger Hunt to hide their gifts from you and watch the fun begin. Our games have QR Codes for some added fun. Don’t want to use the QR Codes the games come with the Traditional Cards to play that way too.

Head here to see both games:

Scavenger Hunt 1

Birthday Games / Birthday Scavenger Hunt / Birthday Party Ideas / Birthday Activity / Printable Birthday Games

Scavenger Hunt 2

Birthday Scavenger Hunt / Birthday Games / Birthday Activity / Printable Birthday Games

Here's a Freebie just for reading! A Birthday Coupon Book for a fun gift your child can use year round. Have them turn in the coupons for some fun times at a later date.

Happy Birthday!


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