How to Celebrate Mother's Day During Social Distancing

Let's face it we have had to get pretty creative when it comes to celebrations and there are going to be a lot of them! Birthdays seem to have the upper hand right now with virtual ideas, driving past the homes of the guest of honor and gift deliveries from Amazon.

Mom is next and we all know that so many mom's are on the front lines, our grandmothers can't join us for age reasons and let's not forget the stay at home moms that have had to become homeschooling teachers while keeping everything else going like stretching pantry items for a fabulous dinner and keeping everything cleaned and organized.

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Celebrate Mom While Social Distancing

If you need help during these trying times then this blog will help you find some unique Mother's Day Gifts that you can easily implement at home with the kids or without. Let mom know how much you appreciate her and give something she will remember with Mother's Day Quarantine Ideas.

“Successful Mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles". Sharon Jaynes

Here are my 12 favorite Gifts Mom will L-O-V-E.

1. Mother's Day Meal Delivery and Meal Kits

This would be awesome for mom! I mean no cooking, who doesn't love that idea. You can either find out what her favorite place is for dinner or you can give her a subscription for a few months to get dinners delivered to her house with all of the prep work done for her. During this time, not having to grocery shop for dinner would be wonderful. Some of the places you can consider for Meal Kits are: Home Chef, Freshly, Daily Harvest, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. For Restaurant Delivery you can get Door Dash, Grub Hub or Uber Eats. Check your local restaurants too because they may just be doing delivery for free if you purchase from their restaurants. Panera Bread is one that comes to mind right now. Some restaurants in your area may even be doing curb side brunch pickups with everything you need for a family of four. Check online in your area for Mother's Day Brunches.

Meal Kits for Mom / Mother's Day Gifts / Gifts for Mom / Mother's Day

2. Mother's Day Coupon Book

Not sure what to get Mom? Craft an IOU (a.k.a. Mother's Day Coupon Book). Gift her a day where you'll empty the dishwasher, cook her a dinner, take her for ice cream or let her have the remote for watching whatever she wants that night with the entire family. Coupons are great to use all year long. Whenever mom doesn't want to fold the laundry she can hand over a coupon. One of our Scavenger Hunt games actually includes some coupons for mom so you get a gift and a game for her special day. Head to our Etsy shop or enjoy our FREE!!! Unique QR Code Coupon Book just for mom right here!

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3. Mother's Day Tea Party and Muffins with Mom Ideas

Who says you can't have tea with mom while Skyping or using Zoom? Why not send her a box of her favorite teas from Amazon or any store that carries teas. Add in a nice teapot and teacup, some tea biscuits and your virtual tea party ideas are complete.

Muffins with Mom can still be held. Ask your kid's teacher to zoom in with all the students and have everyone bake their favorite muffins or get their favorite muffins from the grocery store. Add some juices and milk, tea and coffee (for mom of course) and you have a special afternoon with just the kids. Teachers can still have the students fill out a Mother's Day Printable PDF file she can send via email. Kids can answer questions about their moms draw a picture and they can give that as a

Muffins with Mom Ideas / Muffins with Mom / School Party Ideas / Classroom Ideas / Mother's Day / Mother's Day Invitations

gift along with a simple craft project chosen by the teacher too. How about a printable Mother's Day Bookmark that the kids can color and give to mom. To get things started here's a Muffins with Mom Flyer that can be customized with the Virtual information for that day. You can text or email it once we send you the jpegs.

4. Favorite Books for Mom or Magazines for Mom

If your mom loves trying to find her inner Joanna Gaines or she loves a good mystery then why not find a great book she has always wanted and load it on her Kindle, give her a gift card from her favorite bookstore so she can choose her own or let her know that for the next year her favorite magazine will be arriving in the mail.

5. Gift Cards for Mom

Some of us just can't figure out what to buy for someone who has everything, so a gift card that reflects the interests of your mom is just as wonderful. You can buy gift cards online and have them emailed to her or even texted to her. Starbucks has gift cards you can text and our grocery stores allow you to order them online and have them delivered to an address. Why not think outside the box and get her a spa day gift card, a card to get a haircut when the stay inside order is lifted or a gift card to her favorite garden shop for those flowers she is going to want for her front yard.

6. Spa Day for Mother's Day / Care Package for Mom

If you want to make Mom's day extra special and relaxing then why not prepare an at-home spa day for her. You can put together a box of all the things you would need for a spa from some of her favorite stores like Bath and Body Works or Ulta and then let her relax with a mimosa, some chocolates and soothing music. If your mom isn't at home with you, send this box to her home to be opened with instructions on what to do, to take time out for herself and soak in the silence.

If mom isn't into the spa thing then how about a care package with all her favorite things like a candle, iTunes card for music or podcasts she likes, candy, some nice slippers a pen and journal.

7. Mother's Day Games

With the kids at home, it's always fun to get them involved with a game night with mom. A Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt for her to find her gifts is always a plus or maybe a Scavenger Hunt for the Kids that leads to doing some chores for her while they play. A Dice Game with candy or a Mother's Day Board Game that also includes a chore chart you can fill out with chores you will do for her for the day or week is another bonus. Head to our shop to see all of these fun games. All you do is choose which ones you would like to play with easy set-ups and print them from home after purchasing.

Mother's Day Board Game / Printable Games for Mom / Printable / Mother's Day / Mom Gift / Mother's Day Gift Ideas

8. Mother's Day Painting Ideas / Color by Number

Nowadays there's no excuse for not learning something new. YouTube has broadened our horizons by including classes with everything from cooking, to organizing, to learning how to draw or paint. Set up a classroom just for mom with everything you will need from the YouTube painting class you choose ahead of time. Purchase the craft items online and then set up some snacks and your laptop, Smart TV, or iPad and get creating. What a special time together. My favorite idea was purchasing color by number books, adding a beautiful box of colored pencils and enjoying an afternoon of coloring instead of painting.

9. Baking with Mom

What better way to celebrate mom than baking a favorite family recipe in her honor. You can have her help bake with you or you can have her enjoy watching you bake for her. You decide. Talk about favorite foods together, recipes, what her favorite techniques are and maybe even gift her with a small folder of some future recipes you would like to try with her each month for the rest of the year. A sort of monthly cooking class at home or even a virtual cooking class you can do together or she can use with an app. The Food Network has an app now that you pay a monthly fee for classes. If you have a foodie mom this just might be the best gift ever. I gifted my mom with a homemade Cookbook filled with all of our family recipes and gave it to everyone in the family at Christmas later that year so we could all enjoy her recipes for years to come. My mom's favorite recipe is this amazing Lemon Bundt Cake that I make multiple times a year from Duncan Hines.

Baking with Mom / Mother's Day / Mother's Day Gifts / Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10. Family Picnic or BBQ

If you live in Michigan as I do then this may not be in the cards but you can get creative here too with an indoor picnic in the family room or BBQ on that George Foreman Grill or Cast Iron Pan you might have. If you are lucky with weather then, by all means, set everything outside in the backyard and make it simple with sandwiches, outdoor games and gifts.

11. Photo Gifts for Mom

Why not document this quarantine with pictures of mom throughout the day. Be mom's personal photographer for the day and have mom pose for you in front of her favorite garden or maybe with the family. This works if everyone is together in the same house of course. When you are done taking pictures create an album for her on Google Photos or a Video with music.

If you can't be together how about taking out some old photo albums to share via Zoom or Skype or whatever it is that you like to use. Share stories and laugh about the past. Have her help you create a family tree for generations to come.

Mother's Day Ideas / Mother's Day Photo Gift / Mother's Day

12. A Mother's Day Playlist on Spotify

How about creating a Song List just for mom. Do you know the music she grew up with? Create a list around that. If you know all of her favorite current songs then put something together like that too. You can create a list and then a link to send to her email. Make sure she downloads the Spotify app so she can listen to them. If she isn't tech-savvy then maybe you can create a CD for her so she can listen to it at home. Send it to her in the mail with a nice card. Here is a great Mother's Day Spotify Playlist you can listen to right now!

Well, that's quite a list! I think any mom would be lucky enough to have a family that thinks of her in this way. What other ideas do you have? Comment below! I would love to hear what things you are doing for your mom.

Mom's are pretty special people and even Dad's that have to be Mom's can be included in this list too! I know that whatever you decide to do the most important thing for any mom is that her kids are thinking of her and telling her they think the world of her. We may have to social distance ourselves for a while but we have so many things at our disposal to make Mom's celebration something that's unforgettable.

Did you download our FREE Mother's Day Coupon Book? This is one we created and it is unique because you will have to hover over the QR Codes with your phone camera to see the gift underneath. I hope you like it!

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Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! You are loved and appreciated and deserve this day.

Michele Trombley

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