Celebrating Easter On A Budget

Updated: Mar 22

Whether you are just celebrating spring or enjoying Easter there’s no need to go broke doing it. Enjoying Crafts and Games and simple foods and baskets filled with treats are all that it takes. There’s no need to compete with Instagram and Pinterest Perfect Photos. Think outside the box and enjoy this time filled with laughter, love and renewal. It is all about being with family and creating memories just like all the other holidays before this and after it too. All you have to do is set a budget and pick and choose the ideas we have for you to start planning with today.

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"Easter is an arts and crafts moment where your whole family and friends can get involved.” -- Alex Guarnashelli

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1. Easter Egg Decorating

Growing up the simplest thing was decorating Easter Eggs for the big hunt on Easter morning. We watched as mom used vinegar, hot water and food coloring and then we sat around the kitchen counter to dip our boiled eggs into the mix. Nowadays you can buy kits but if you want to save a little money use permanent marker, washi tape, temporary tattoos, stickers, wrapping paper leftover from other holidays for decoupaging, rubber bands, lace and ribbons. All of these make wonderful ways to decorate your eggs. You can even find some of these items at your local Dollar Tree.


Egg Decorating Ideas and How-to

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2. Easter Bake-Off

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition with the family? You can even go virtual with this. When everyone creates their favorite treats and baked goods let the judges be family and friends on Facebook or Instagram (don’t let them know who made what). Send out a paper award or certificate so they have proof of their win.

Let the families competing know what the food category will be like cupcakes, pies, cookies or cakes! You could even email a pdf file with ballots and let everyone vote. Use categories like Funniest, Original, Most Colorful, Most Unique, Overall Winner. Tally the votes yourself when they send a photo of the ballot to you via text. Then you can count and let the winners know who won via zoom, email or social media!


Easter Bake-Off Ballots

Easter Winner Certificate

Easter Dessert Ideas

Easter Arts and Crafts, Easter Art Ideas, Easter Craft Ideas, Easter Activities, Easter Crafts for Kids

3. Easter Arts and Crafts

Decorating for Easter can be inexpensive and will double as an Arts and Crafts Day for Spring! Create Homemade Easter Cards to give to close family or neighbors. Decorate the house in Paper Egg Garlands, Flowers on the windows with window crayons by Crayola. Make Bunny Slime and Homemade Spring Playdough. Bring out the Coloring Pages that depict Easter and Spring Scenes and have a coloring contest. Hang all of them on the fridge or a family bulletin board. Make Bonnets to wear to Easter Brunch or dinner! We even added some youtube drawing and painting classes the whole family can do for an Easter or Spring Activity!


Easter Craft Ideas

Homemade Playdough Recipe for Spring

Homemade Bunny Slime

Easter Coloring Pages

Easter Bonnets DIY for Kids

Easter Bunny Painting Class

Easter Bunny Drawing Class

Easter Bunny Folding Surprise

Crayola Window Crayons (great basket gift too!)

4. Easter Experiences

I am a firm believer that experiences are what we crave rather than all the gifts. Of course, we can still have those but the fondest memories I have are the ones where we took walks in the neighborhood or played hopscotch in the front of our house. Spring ushered in a whole new list of outdoor activities we could do again like roller skating, biking and shooting hoops. That fresh air and wearing our spring jackets along with great food, and laughter around the table were a welcome change to the long winters.

Now, I love printable Egg Hunt Scavenger Hunts, Nature Walks and taking pictures of all the fun we have. We even have Easter Coloring Pages or Books, Dice Games with Candy and Easter Games and Activity Packs ready for you in our Etsy shop. Keep watching for our Outdoor Candy Garden Hunt Coming soon! Great for the Spring, a Candy Shop Party or Easter.


Easter Egg Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Challenge Hunt

Preschool Games and Activity Pack for Easter

Easter Candy Dice

Easter Board Game Printable

Candy Garden Scavenger Hunt

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5. Virtual Easter Ideas

Since we have been stuck inside for quite awhile there have been some really exciting ways to get out virtually. Virtual Zoos, Farms and Museums make for a great Spring or Easter Idea for the family to enjoy. We have a few you might want to try. We even included an Easter Bunny Tracker that you can load onto your phone so you can see where the Easter Bunny is before the big day! When you can get out, don't forget our fun Zoo Scavenger Hunt for a Birthday or just for fun with animal sounds, zoo keys and challenges for both the young and old alike.


Easter Bunny Tracker

San Diego Zoo

Virtual Farms

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

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6. Easter Bunny Ideas

Create a fun Easter Morning with a few simple and inexpensive ideas. Using our FREE Bunny Foot Stencil printed on Card Stock and then using baby powder, stencil in the feet throughout the house or outside leading to your Egg Hunt. Leave Carrots the night before for the Easter Bunny to munch on. Why not use our Easter Bunny Letter Kit? Our Kit includes a door hanger to stop here with editable name, a letter you edit with your child’s name, a chocolate bar box you edit with your child’s name, an Easter Bunny Certificate of Completion that’s editable, and an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt! All things you print from home and are easy to assemble at a budget-friendly price.


Easter Bunny Foot Stencil FREE!

Easter Bunny Letter Kit

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7. Easter Baskets

Look at your budget and smaller baskets will do if you plan activities and fun throughout the day. An Easter Book from the Dollar Tree or a second-hand shop is nice, coloring books or free printable coloring pages you put together and add a box of crayons too is an awesome idea! Candy is what everyone loves! Add a few of your kids favorites to the mix. Why not create your own coupon that gives the gift of an experience later in the week or month like a visit to the zoo or a picnic and bike ride in a park!

Don’t want to buy baskets? Have the kids create their own baskets with recyclable things around the house like milk jugs or shoe boxes, crayons, paints, stickers and more. If you want to buy baskets, look for coupons or head to a Dollar Store for cute ideas.


Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Easter Coupon Book

DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter Movies, Easter Movie Night, Easter Popcorn Ideas

8. Spring and Easter Movie Ideas for Kids and Families

As a kid some of my favorite movies were Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Sound of Music. There are so many fun family movies. Make some popcorn and add some spring candy to the mix. Settle back and watch a movie to end the day.


Easter Popcorn

Easter Movie Ideas

There you have it! Easy, simple, inexpensive ways to celebrate the Spring and Easter with your family and kids. As far as the meal goes, why not have a brunch instead of a big dinner. Pick and choose what you want to do from our list and you will have a really great time, guaranteed!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

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