A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Our latest Scavenger Hunt includes everything you need to have a nice stroll through the neighborhood. Visit with neighbors, make new friends, and discover things you may not have noticed while living in your community. This Scavenger Hunt is also great for a Birthday Party, Summer Activity, Family Reunion, the Fourth of July, Preschool Activity or a Homeschool Activity as well. Let's begin!

"Imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like if each of us offered, as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person." - Fred Rogers

1. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt What You Get

Enjoy the day with family, friends or just the kids. This game is great for Preschool Age Children too! We provide all the clues/riddles and picture clues to get you going. With a total of 24 Clues you can play with two teams or play with 12 clues and then use the other 12 clues for another day. You can play with 2 players as well. While playing this game it is wise to have adult supervision unless you have teenagers old enough to watch younger children.

Here's what's included:

Clue Envelopes you assemble

Water Bottle Labels "You Rocked the Block"

Treat Bag Labels

24 Clues Total 12 for Each Team

Certificates for who won and who tried

Badges for Players

12 Task Cards (the same tasks for each team)

Host/Hostess Checklist to make sure everyone completed their tasks, took pics and video and found their clues

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Our You Tried and You Won Certificates and our Treat Bag Tags

2. How to Play Our Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

This Scavenger Hunt will take you through your neighborhood and community. Your job will be to find the clues, complete a task, take a picture or video of your task and clue and continue on until you find all 12 clues.

We love that as you are playing the game, each envelope has a positive message to keep everyone going. Things like Easy Peasy, Yes You Can, and You're Awesome help the mood of the players.

Tasks you will be performing include things like writing a nice message to someone on the sidewalk with chalk, writing down things you have seen starting with certain letters of the alphabet and hugging a tree (each player with a snapshot of each person doing it). Some of the pictures will make fun favors for after the game is played. You might even want to print them and frame them or add them to a scrapbook.

Need simple clues for the preschoolers in your life? We have the Clue Cards with pictures so you can include every age level.

Fill out your name badge, wear it proudly on your shirt, grab a water bottle to stay hydrated on your walk, and grab a treat bag filled with some snacks to stay energized. Grab your bag filled with some simple items you will need along the way (we have the list below), make sure your phone is charged and carry all 12 clues to be opened in numerical order in your Ziploc bag.

Can't find a clue? Keep going and come back to it later or just continue on. You may be surprised to find out that not everyone can find everything or they didn't do their tasks properly. Maybe it will be a tie! A tie breaker might be to answer a question about your neighborhood like how many houses are on your block (who is the closest).

Once you find your clues and complete all your tasks, head back to the start where your host/hostess will be waiting for you. Your pictures, video and tasks will be checked off on the neighborhood checklist and the team with the most correct, best pics and video will be the winners and receive a certificate! Don't worry we have a certificate for those who tried. Take a snapshot of the teams holding the certificate or print enough for each player to take home and display proudly.

This game is meant to be enjoyed and taking your time is a must! It is not timed (unless you make that rule) and respecting your neighborhood and neighbors as well as safety first while playing is the number one rule.

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The Task Cards, Our Envelopes you assemble and Badges for everyone to wear!

3. How to Assemble Your Game

We made this game easy to assemble. You will need to cut out all the pieces (clues, envelopes, tasks, certificates, water bottle labels, treat tags, badges)

Fold your envelopes into thirds and cut the inside flap along the black line. Adhere glue to the bottom and side edges of the flap to create a pocket to hold the clues and tasks.

Insert the clues and tasks in each envelope (make sure they are in numerical order).

For the Badges you can purchase the badge holders from oriental trading company link is under "More" below.


Purchase Badge Holders from your local Dollar Tree Store in the Teacher section.

Bags for carrying everything you need for tasks and the clues would be nice. Purchase fun bags for 99 cents at your local grocery story. We have them at the checkouts here at our local Kroger. The bags come in fun prints and some are perfect for the holidays like the Fourth of July. You can even get bags like this at your local Dollar Tree. You will need only one bag per team and the Adult/Teenager will be the leader and carry the bag.

That's it for Assembling!


Badge Holders

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All the items you will need to take with you on your adventure through the neighborhood

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The perfect bag to carry all your items in while you are on your neighborhood scavenger hunt! This one is from Kroger here in Michigan.

4. What You Need for Our Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Of course every game needs some items to make it complete. Here is what you will need for this Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt.

Items Needed:

Ziploc bags or bags with handles

clipboard for each team for writing on (optional)

pencil and colored pencils (small box)

sidewalk chalk a small pack or only a few pieces

glue for assembling the envelopes

iPhone for the camera and video

prizes or trophies (optional)

treats and snacks for the treat bags and our tags

ribbon and hole punch for the treat tags

treat bags

tape dispenser or packaging tape (roll of) for making our nature bracelets

a penny in a small Ziploc bag for the penny task

bag for collecting some leaves and making leaf impressions

the link for making the leaf impressions and materials you will need are here:

5. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Clues

We know you want to know where you will be headed on this adventure so we have your list of clues. We do however, believe that you will find our list easy and with many of the same things everyone will find in any neighborhood across America.

Team 1

  1. White Mailbox

  2. Swing Set/Playset

  3. A Package Sitting On A Porch

  4. A Garage Door with Windows

  5. USPS Mail Truck

  6. Red Car

  7. An American Flag

  8. For Sale/Garage Sale Sign

  9. Trash Can

  10. Motorcycle

  11. Bird House

  12. A Pool

Team 2

  1. A Bicycle

  2. Window with Shutters

  3. Dog Playing Outside

  4. A Brown Door

  5. Garden Hose

  6. Garden Gnome

  7. Trampoline

  8. Garden

  9. Grill

  10. Fire Hydrant

  11. Basketball Hoop

  12. Hammock

6. Special Notes For Our Game

While playing our game we want you to be absolutely safe. Walking through a neighborhood is a lot different from staying in your home looking for clues or in your own backyard.

When you are finding items and places in your neighborhood make sure you are not disturbing the community and people living in it.

Ask if you need to take a pic of something and don't trespass on someone's home or backyard. Take your pictures from a distance.

SAFELY cross streets and pass by driveways and with this game you must be accompanied by an adult or teenager old enough to take care of younger kids.

This isn't a race - it is to see who can find things and get back first at a gentle pace and for fun!

Play with 2 players instead of teams and an adult with each player. Play with 2 family groups too!

This game may take awhile to play so each player should bring a bottle of water and a small snack to keep them going. Adults can carry a backpack to carry those items in if little ones can't do it themselves. This is optional.

There you have it! Our latest creation just for you and your family. We hope you will give it a try and let us know how you liked it. Comment below if you have the time and don't forget to check out all of our other Games, Activities and Scavenger Hunts in our shop. We have so many new ideas coming your way soon! Maybe you have something you would like to see us create. We are always up for suggestions. Each time we create a new item you will find it in this section. We will give you all the details and ideas for how to use the game we created!

Our goal is to help you and your family create memories, create some low screen time and celebrate of course! We know you are busy and that is why we create these unique, never before seen games and activities. You won't find any of these in a local store. Best of all you print everything from home or your local office supply.

Now, Let's Rock The Block!

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