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Easter Egg Hunts have come a long way since the 60s and 70s when I grew up. The days of bonnets, corsages for the ladies, hunting for real eggs we dyed the night before and baskets with just candy have been upgraded. While those things may be a part of the past the new more modern Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Parties will have you making new memories in no time. Here is our list of 8 ideas you may want to consider when planning your Easter Party this year.

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Easter Baskets are filled with both real and plastic eggs now.

1. Easter Invitations

In the past Easter was about gathering at a relatives house, going to church, dinner and receiving candy-filled baskets or large hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. An invite was a call on the phone from a relative deciding to host the holiday. An Easter Dinner was celebrated on the intended day and no other days before that.

Flash forward to now and this event is often celebrated earlier with both friends, family or the entire community. Getting together the weekend before or even the day before seems to be the norm and Easter Egg Hunt Invitations or Flyers are becoming more common. Setting the date for your Egg Hunt is whatever is ideal for you and the people you want to come.

Printable online invitations that include a jpeg for texting and emails are the way to go. Personalized invitations online make for a unique Easter tradition. The choice to either put them in the mail or text them is a great option if you want everyone to come. You can even post them in a Facebook group reserved for family and friends that you want to come to your party. Digital downloads in a shop like ours allows you to make last minute date changes if you need to and to send out invitations for those that get lost in the mail. Here's our site for some Easter Invitation ideas.

Printable invitations can be customized in a hurry or even last minute to include information like bringing a side dish to pass and bringing Easter Baskets for collecting the candy and eggs. An Easter Birthday Party is also something we see happening and both the holiday and the child is celebrated together. Customized invites allow for the birthday child's name and age.

Invitations should be sent out at least 2 weeks prior to the party if they are going in the mail.

The Easter Egg Hunt has been upgraded to plastic eggs filled with prizes, invitations to brunch, decorations that awe and receiving letters from the Bunny.

2. Pick a Location

My favorite place is my own home for an Easter Party or Egg Hunt but for some the perfect spot may be the park, a rec center or even something larger like a school yard or church lawn where the entire community can get involved. Whatever you decide will depend on the amount of guests you are inviting.

A simple family get-together works for me but a few friends added to the mix would be fun too. An important thing to remember is when you plan on having your Easter Egg Hunt you will need to secure a place in advance. If it's at your home you won't have to worry about renting or reserving a venue.

3. Easter Snacks / Treats / Prizes

Today's Easter Egg Hunt has prizes now. Of course there are still candy items inside those designer plastic eggs you can find anywhere from the dollar store to Target or online at Oriental Trading Company. The best treats are the non-candy type due to parents not wanting their kids filling up on sugar anymore or for kids with allergies.

Non-candy items can include money, small figurines, erasers, bubbles, stickers, bounce balls, or removable tattoos. The list is endless in this department. Unique treats are fortunes, confetti or homemade redeemable coupons for a day off of chores, more screen time or an ice cream with mom and dad. How about some Easter Scratch Off Cards? Print them from home and the winner gets a special prize! Include these Scratch Off Cards in the plastic eggs and you can choose how many winners there will be or if there will only be one grand prize winner.

4. Easter Baskets

The new Easter Baskets are themed with famous cartoon and Disney characters. Baskets double as pails for the sand on the beach or umbrellas for the rain. If you can use a pool noodle and twist it into a basket the skies the limit and you can fill it with anything you like. Basket Tags that you customize with the child's name and you print from home will create a more personal gift. Here is one of our many Easter Basket Tags we have in our shop and Editable too.

5. Easter Bunny Letter

If you want to add to the excitement then start the Easter festivities with an Easter Bunny Note to the child. An Easter Bunny "Please Stop Here" sign ensures the little ones that the bunny will not forget them. Our Easter Egg Hunt Certificate of Completion along with a customized Chocolate Bar Box will be a fun reward for all the searching.

This Easter Egg Hunt Bundle includes all of this and the Easter Egg Hunt Scavenger Hunt too! This would work best for a small gathering so you could even print the candy boxes and certificates for all of your guests. Personalizing things with a name will add a special touch to a new and improved egg hunt.

6. Easter Egg Hunt Ideas / Easter Games

The Easter Egg Hunt itself is unique. The days are gone where the only thing your child will do is search for real eggs and listen to you yelling whether they are hot or cold to find them. Kids want more challenging and creative ways to search for their baskets and treats. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt ideas include Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts and community Easter Egg Hunt ideas can include slips of paper inside eggs to turn into prizes.

Glow in the Dark Eggs, Puzzle Piece Hunts, Color Coordinated Eggs for each player, Silly Tasks and Exercises to complete once they open an egg, slips of paper that can be redeemed for prizes, QR Codes to read clues and Scavenger Hunts with Puzzles are some ideas we love.

These two Scavenger Hunt ideas, an Easter Egg Hunt with QR Codes or Traditional Clue Cards and an Easter Egg Hunt with a Mission to Find the Missing Easter Egg with puzzles can be just what you need to amp up your next Easter Brunch. Use both games since one is great for the younger kids and the other perfect for adults and tween or teens. Let the older kids guide the younger ones through their game and then play theirs with the parents for a fun twist.

7. Easter Decorations

Easter Decor has been inspired by YouTube decorate with me vlogs for holidays like these and dollar tree hauls that turn into DIY ideas for Easter Decorations mimicking pottery barn table settings and centerpieces. If you have a Pinterest Account then you most likely have searched for ideas on there as well. Pastel Color Schemes have turned into bright purple and teal Easter Color Palettes, themes like Peter Rabbit and tablescapes to drool over are all attempted. Easter table ideas for kids include Printable Easter Activity Placemats (head to the bottom of this article for a FREE placemat from Grinandprint on Etsy), party favors and Crafts. Don't forget some fun table games with dice and candy. We love this one to keep the kids entertained.

Don't let those things scare you though. Even a simple banner, decorated table as a focal point with plastic table cloths and themed paper plates, a vase with flowers from the grocery store or a bowl full of colorful dyed eggs, pretty sweet treats and foods can be just as breathtaking.

No matter what you choose to do to decorate you'll still be celebrating a present day Easter Party. Why? Because Easters of the past didn't even include the word tablescape, you know what I mean?

8. Easter Brunch

While an Easter Dinner might be how things used to be, an Easter Brunch can be celebrated with ease. Brunch allows an earlier gathering and with Easter being on a Sunday a welcome reprieve from the late evening get-together and the thought of having to get up early for work the next day.

Brunch can still include the proverbial Ham but also include a waffle or pancake bar, egg salad sandwiches, fruit and veggie trays in the shapes of bunnies or bunny carrots and fun drinks for the kids. Ask your guests to bring a favorite dessert to pass and send everyone home with a decorated cookie favor. The ideas can be fun and buffet style works like a charm too.

Here is that Easter Activity Placemat I promised you.

What do you think? How did you celebrate Easter? What was your Egg Hunt like? Do you have some ideas you could share with everyone? Comment below.

It's hard to believe this Easter is almost upon us. While I still reminisce of holidays gone by I still appreciate all the new and fun things the more modern Easter Parties have brought with them too. Maybe a little of both would be good. After all our kids love vintage things now and I think appreciate it when we share stories of our childhood and traditions. Maybe I'll just pull out those old Easter photos to share, or maybe not.

OK, I'll share some with you instead.

My brother and I and my family for Easter. A trip to my Grandma's and Grandpa's house was always on the agenda and one year we combined efforts and went out to a special place for dinner. The best part for me were the clothes and all the chocolate. Plus, it didn't hurt that sometimes my birthday fell on that day too.

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Me as a toddler for Easter Sunday

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