A Family Thanksgiving During a Pandemic

This year everything is different. We talked about Easter and Halloween and how to make all of those annual holidays and activities safe and fun for our family. The next holiday is Thanksgiving. Already we are seeing changes to Thanksgiving Day Parades and the Black Friday Sales. Parades will only be televised without the crowds and some stores won't be opened for people to line up at the door to grab those deals.

Again, we can make this year's Thanksgiving a fun and memorable family event with safe distancing, thinking outside the box and providing the fun for our kids. Who knows, this may be the most stress free meal you make and the most fun your family will have. All you need are some simple ideas.

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“Be present in all things, and thankful for all things" - Maya Angelou

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1. Let's Tailgate

Yep, pack up your dinner or purchase one from a local business that is providing meals to go, add some fun snacks and desserts and find a place to tailgate. Let everyone know where and when and bring your own chairs and blankets (if it's cool) and eat outside near your car, safely distanced. Blast the heat in your car if you need to get warm, bring the hot beverages and enjoy each others company for a little while. Play the game on the radio or if you can watch on an iPad do that while having your dinner. Decorate your car with some party supplies too! Have a contest for best decorations. Provide some activities for the kids before you arrive so they can keep busy. Our printable Cootie Catcher would be fun. Send it to family members with kids and tell them to get it ready before they arrive. Don't forget to take pics too!


Free Cootie Catcher

Thanksgiving Invite to email or text too!

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2. Take a Nature Hike

If you feel uncomfortable being around family for the time being then celebrate with the ones you share your home with and pack a picnic or after your dinner walk off some of that Turkey dinner and the malaise that comes with it. Enjoy a Hike in Nature and add a Scavenger Hunt for all ages to participate. A nice breath of fresh air and searching for items outdoors can be a new tradition you create with your loved ones. Take pictures to remember your day.


Nature Hike Scavenger Hunt

3. Thanksgiving Décor and Countdown Calendar

If you decide to stay home and you still want to share Thanksgiving with family there is always the virtual way. Set a place at the table for your iPad or laptop, instruct the family when you will be meeting and enjoy cooking together, talking, eating and playing games.

Create a Countdown Gratitude Jar for the family and on Thanksgiving share some of the many things we can be grateful for this month. We have a free Tag and Cards to get you started! We also provide you with more ideas and how to assemble so you can get started on the First of November.

Don't forget to include a fun Background so the family can see how excited you are to visit with them. A Thanksgiving Party Supply Pack with banner, signs, bottle wraps, cupcake toppers and more will do the trick.


Gratitude Jar and Tag

Thanksgiving Party Supplies or Thanksgiving Décor

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4. Thanksgiving Party Games

Plan for some fun before or after Thanksgiving Dinner. Play Gratitude Games with "Would You Rather Questions", Thanksgiving Bingo or play the many printable games at Grinandprint.com and Grinandprint on Etsy.

If you are a grandparent and can't make the Thanksgiving Party for health reasons, print the games at home and leave them on the porch in a basket full of goodies or baked goods as a surprise for the grandkids and family.

Don't want to play a game? Why not have a Virtual Talent Show or create a Family Photo Slide Show for everyone to see and talk about afterwards.


Turkey Trot Scavenger Hunt

Turkey Toss Dice Game

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Pumpkin Blitz Dice

Turkey Bowling

Thanksgiving Game Bundle

Apple Scavenger Hunt

Apple Orchard Dice Game

Football Dice

Football Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Ideas / Thanksgiving Party / Pie Contest / Pies / Thanksgiving Pies / Thanksgiving Games Family

5. Thanksgiving Pie Contest

You may not be able to taste the pies but you can decorate them and tell your story behind it. Let everyone pick their favorite pie and recipe and bake it before the big day. Take pics of the pies, send out the recipes to family members via a text or email and let everyone write or tell their story behind their pie. The family hosting the contest gets to decide on a winner OR how about posting the pics and stories to your Facebook page and asking family members or friends to vote on their favorites. Winner gets a gift card sent to them in the mail or if you have Amazon send an Amazon gift card via email so it is instant.

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6. Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

If you are like me then no party is complete without a Craft for the family to participate in or for the kids to keep busy with while waiting for dinner. There are so many ideas on Pinterest right now and Oriental Trading company has them too! You can go simple with glue and colored paper or get elaborate with craft kits for each family. Why not create a Family Tree Craft or a Wall of Blessings with Leaves you cut from paper you have on hand or a printable leaf template to color and add a message to. Make Puppets out of paper bags and have a puppet show virtually. Why not go on that nature hike and find some rocks to paint afterwards. My nieces and nephews loved creating bookmarks for their books. Set sequins, glitter, stickers, glue, markers and more in the center of the table and cut strips of paper the size of a bookmark. Let everyone create their own and if you can, laminate them, punch a hole at the top and add a tassel you create from yarn or string. Read a Thanksgiving Story afterwards! There are so many fun things to choose from.


Family Tree Coloring Page

Leaf Suncatchers

Turkey Craft

Oriental Trading Company Crafts

Leaf Coloring Page

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7. Holiday Planning and Kids Christmas Activities

After you are full of Turkey and Games why not sit and discuss the Holidays ahead. Don't forget this is a great time to write a letter to Santa so he has time to prepare and get just the right gifts!

Grinandprint thought of the busy parents when it comes to the upcoming Christmas Holidays. Santa's Northpole Games and Activities eBook has everything you need and is packed full of ideas so you don't even have to think of them yourself. Not only that but the book is printable! You decide what games you want to play, what activities you want to do and Voila! Print, easy set-up and play! The games and activities can be played over and over again and used every year. Start a new Family Tradition with this book.

13 Games and Activities and you and your child get to become Official Santa Elves and Helpers for the month of December. Fill out your Elf Application, Write a Letter to Santa both young and old versions so everyone can send a letter, wear badges, play your favorite Elf's game and it even includes Coupons you can edit for prizes and gifts! You can see some of the games demos on Instagram TV at Grinandprint and the eBook is right here to purchase.

We would love for you to post photos of your family fun with some of our products or your own Thanksgiving Ideas on our Facebook page at Grinandprint or on our Instagram at Grinandprint. Don't forget Black Friday is almost here too! Our shop has a week long Sale every year just for our customers! Check it out soon!

Don’t forget to favorite our shop, subscribe here on our website and follow us on our social media. We want to keep in touch and want to keep creating fun ways for you and your family to have a great time together without all the stress. We are grateful for you and your families. We are so lucky that you stopped by and that some of you have purchased some of our games and party supplies! We hope that you and your families are staying healthy and safe and that you do get the chance to enjoy this holiday season that is upon us once again.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family!

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