15 Fun Family Games and Activities to Play on Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day! It’s that time of year again when we celebrate all things, Dad. Knowing what Dad loves to do or how dad wants to enjoy his day can be challenging. However, we have it all figured out for you right here.

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15 Fun Family Games and Activities that will involve trying new things together and creating memories while you’re at it. Father's Day Gifts can be about spending time with your Amazing Father and this list will help you do just that.

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song". Pam Brown

1. Hiking with Dad

Hiking / Fathers Day Activities / Family Hiking

Grab your backpacks, pack a picnic lunch, some snacks, your GPS, and wear your hiking boots or for a gentler hike your sneakers. Head to a secluded trail or park where you can view the wildlife, trees and streams or waterfalls. Wherever you live family hiking is available and you can make this a nice day for the whole family and get in some exercise too.

2. Backyard Mini Golf

Miniature Golf / Golf with Dad / Fathers Day Golf / Fathers Day Games / Backyard Golf / Miniature Golf Course Obstacles

Since we are in somewhat of an interesting time, why not build your own miniature golf course obstacles outside for dad. Buy some mini golf clubs and golf balls (dad can use them when he is back on a real golf course) and print up some scorecards to get playing. We found a fun mini-golf score sheet book just for dad so he can keep track of his scores and improve his game each time the family gets together. A backyard mini golf game with boxes or whatever you have on hand for a fun backyard outdoor game is an inexpensive way to go.

3. Bowling

Wooden Bowling Pins / Bowling Party / Fathers Day Party Ideas / Indoor Bowling Party Ideas / Fathers Day Ideas

Need an indoor game? Bowling is so much fun if you buy some wooden pins and a nice size ball to throw down a makeshift alley you create with pool noodles. Don’t have that DIY gene? Download a Bowling App to play on your phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer and play with the family that way. Do you have a video game console? There are so many options when it comes to this classic game. Buy some pizza and dad’s favorite drink and you have a Bowling Party just waiting to happen. Hand out Bowling Trophies to the winners and one that says Number One Dad perhaps.

4. Historical Sites or Museums

Museums / Museum Gifts / Virtual Museums / Historical Sites / Fathers Day Gift

Do you have a History Buff in your house? While you wait for the Museums to open up how about taking a virtual tour of a Historical Site with the whole family. Maybe you can find a Historical Documentary and watch it together on your TV. The National Museum of History has a ton of online exhibits to enjoy. Maybe you want to walk through the museums without leaving your couch. Try the Travel and Leisure site. There are so many options. Type in Virtual Museum tours and watch them pop up. Follow up with a gift card from a favorite museum in your area and let dad buy something online. How about a subscription to Smithsonian Magazine? You could even give him a membership to his favorite museum for some fun all year long.

5. Bike Ride

Bikes / Bike Riding / Bike Trails / Family Biking / Family Bike Ride / Fathers Day Bike Ride / Fathers Day Activities

Grab your helmets, dress in some comfortable clothes, and put air in those bike tires. It's time for some family fun! Bike trails are everywhere. The Great American Rail Trail is a mega bike trail that connects nearly 3,700 miles of rail-trail to form a path across the country from Washington D.C. to Washington State. If you can’t get to one then plan a trip through your town or neighborhood and just ride. Finish up any one of these bike ideas with some ice cream from a drive-thru Dairy Queen.

6. Building Kits for Kids and Dad

Building Kits for Kids / Building Kits / Building with Dad / Building Kits for Dad / Birdhouse Ideas / Fathers Day Ideas / Fathers Day Crafts

If Dad is the handyman then this would be so much fun to do together. Head to Amazon, purchase a kit and get started on a Birdhouse together or create a sailboat you can try out in a backyard pool or pond. Build a Race Car and hold a competition when you’re done. Here’s a link to Amazon’s Building Kits. Don’t like any of these, check out Home Depot or head to JoAnn's or Michaels for more Father's Day Crafts or building ideas.

7. Baseball from Home

While the Sporting Events are having a bit of downtime why not create your Sporting Event afternoon for Dad. Grab the baseball and Mitts or get in a little batting practice. Buy a few packs of Baseball Cards for you and Dad to open up for fun and hear some stories that Dad has about memories of baseball games he attended as a kid. Follow the day up with a Printable Baseball Game you play with dice right here. Add some Grilled Hot Dogs, popcorn, soft pretzels with some mustard, and whatever Ballpark foods Dad enjoyed when he could go to his favorite team game. Have enough people in your family to play an actual game? Do that too.

8. Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Of course, we can’t forget the Dad who loves his games. Here are two Scavenger Hunt Games to either challenge dad and get him out of his honey-do or chore lists or a Scavenger Hunt game that sends dad finding clues that end up spelling out exactly where his dad's day gifts are hidden. The best part about these games is that you print them from home and you are all set except for purchasing the gifts.

9. Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping / Camping / Family Camping / Campfire Songs / Scary Stories / Stargazing Apps / Backyard Kid's Ideas / Camping with Dad

There is nothing like camping in the backyard. Whether you need to purchase a simple tent online or you have one packed away just waiting to be put together, this is such a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and never leave home. Need some camping ideas? Don’t forget the S'mores around the grill or fire pit, read scary stories after dark and do a little stargazing. Check out some Stargazing Apps that teach you everything you need to know in your area. Grab some Mason Jars and catch fireflies too! Sing some campfire songs or maybe Dad can play his guitar and you can sing classics like BINGO or Old McDonald. Whatever you do there are so many ideas on Pinterest and online to get you started. These backyard kids' ideas are great for your next camping in your backyard with dad.

10. Cooking Classes for Kids

Free Cooking Classes / Cooking with Kids / Free Recipe Cards / Recipe Book / Gifts for Dad / Fathers Day Gifts / Fathers Day Activity / Cooking Activities

If Dad is a Foodie you can find kids online cooking lessons for free right now. Learn baking and cooking. Plan accordingly and purchase the items needed and then tell dad to meet you in the kitchen for a Cooking Class with the family. Of course, you can eat your creations for Dad’s Meal and how cool, you made it together. Here are free Cooking Classes you may be interested in trying out from "Real Food 4 Kids." As an added gift print out free recipe cards here and add them to a dollar tree photo book. Ask the kids to make a special cover for their book just for dad. Cooking Activities will bring the family and dad closer to each other.

11. Movie Night Outside

Outdoor Movie / Outdoor Movie Projectors / Drive-in-theater / Movie Party / Movie Night in the Backyard / Movie Night Gifts

Grab your iPad and head outside to watch a movie as they did during those drive-in-theater days. Check out the outdoor movie projectors they have now and set up pillows or air mattresses on the lawn, project your movie on a sheet you hang across the trees, and add popcorn, movie theater candy, and drinks for an authentic movie night in the backyard. Dad will love this movie night present.

12. Breakfast in Bed

Perfect father's day activities / donuts with dad ideas / diner style with dad / games for dad / fathers day breakfast / fathers day party ideas / printable games / dads diner party

Pancake Party Game / Slumber Party Games / Birthday Party Activities / Pancakes and Pajamas Party / Birthday Party Ideas / Classroom Activities / Fathers Day Breakfast / Fathers Day Gift / Breakfast in Bed

If Dad is old-fashioned or just likes to relax in bed then this is the perfect gift. Create his favorite breakfast (pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc.). Don’t forget the Donuts! How about a Donuts with Dad Game to go with it and enjoy a morning at Dad’s Diner? A fun morning with all of dad’s favorites is sure to be a win, win.

13. Live Music

Vinyl Records / Record Player / Fathers Day Gift Ideas / iTunes Gift Card / Spotify Playlist / Concert Tickets / Headphones / Billboard / Virtual Concerts

Does Dad love his music? Is he someone who can’t wait to buy a vinyl record and play it on his record player? Does he love listening to Spotify? Buy him a gift card to purchase his music or an iTunes gift card to buy new music for his phone to listen to in his car. Create a Spotify playlist of all his favorite music and send him the link so he can enjoy it while he works outside or on his drive to work. Give him the gift of headphones so he can be alone with his favorite tunes. Check when they will be opening a venue where he can see his favorite band and buy tickets for a later date to enjoy together. Maybe you want to listen and see your favorite singers or bands playing now. Check out virtual concerts online. Billboard gives a list of all the upcoming Virtual Concerts being held on YouTube and more. If you play instruments why not have a private concert just for dad and play something just for him as a gift.

14. Backyard Games

Backyard Games / Cornhole / Bocce Ball / Ladder Ball / Volleyball / Badminton / Yard Games / Fun Outdoor Games / Fathers Day / Fathers Day Cookout

This is one of my favorites. Backyard Games like Jarts, Cornhole, Bocce Ball, Ladder Ball, and Yahtzee are some that come to mind. How about a game of Volleyball or Badminton? Any of these yard games are great fun outdoor games to play and enjoy along with a cookout just for dad. Wiffle Ball anyone?

15. Fun and Games

Board Games / Family Game Night / Fathers Day Games / Fathers Day Ideas / Fathers Day Party / Games with Dad / Dads Day /

Ask Dad what board games he loved to play as a kid. Cool Board Games like Battleship, Stratego, and Monopoly are all games for families. The list could go on and on. Maybe he has seen a new game he would love to try and you can purchase some of these online and have them ready for a Family Game Night.

A fun way to have a game night with a lot of people is to play each game for a half-hour, add the scores up at the end of that half hour and record who won. At the end of the night claim the prize for the winner of the most games.

You can also just play one great game and have a prize ready for the winner. Here are some fun printable games you could play, just for Dad. These Printable Football Scratcher Cards for the Sports Fanatic Dad need you to purchase Scratch off Stickers and then all you need to do is let everyone scratch and play to see who won.

Set them at each place setting during breakfast or dinner and maybe make sure dad wins or if one of the kids win, they have to do whatever dad asks them to do, like take out the trash maybe? Have a gift card ready if you would rather play the game that way instead.

Scratcher Cards / Scratcher Cards for Dad / Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt / Fathers Day Gifts / Fathers Day Ideas / Fathers Day Party / Fathers Day / Games for Dad

How about a Scratcher Card Scavenger Hunt where dad will have his gifts waiting at the end?

Which one will you try? So many of these Games and Activities sound like such fun for an epic Father’s Day!

Comment below what your plans are for dad. If you try one of these ideas out let us know how it went and if you changed them up a bit. We love hearing from you.

Don’t forget our Printables / Digital Downloads at Grinandprint on Etsy or Grinandprint.com (our website takes you to our shop to view all our games). Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Here’s a quick list of our Father’s Day Digital Downloads.

1. Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt 1

2. Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt 2

3. Donuts with Dad Dice Game

4. Football Scratcher Cards

5. Father’s Dad Scratcher Card Scavenger Hunt

6. Football Dice Game

7. Football Challenge Scavenger Hunt

8. Baseball Dice Game

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