14 Days of Winter Games and Activities for Families

Once the holidays are over the winter blues set in. The excitement of shopping for loved ones, decorating and eating favorite foods is over with, so it’s time to regroup. The sun is pretty much non-existent until the first day of Spring. Of course, as parents we will always hear the proverbial statement “I’m Bored”, a lot! With the state that our lives are in that can make it even worse. A list of Winter Games and Activities to pull from at a moments notice is a welcoming gift to those of us who know how busy life can get and the need for someone to plan our family fun for us.

We have compiled 14 Fun Games and Activities that you can use for those days when life with the family needs a little nudge to get going again. Guaranteed to make the adults relax and have fun too!

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"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is time for home." -- Edith Sitwell

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1. Fun Holiday Games and Activities

The winter months bring on its own set of Holidays like Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. Why not inject some fun into these with some games and activities the whole family can enjoy.

We love a good Scavenger Hunt that takes the kids around the whole house searching for candy. If you have to work with a teacher who needs some classroom activities that can be played in school and virtual, how about a Valentine’s Express Train Dice Game.

If you want to spread some love and a surprise, how about a “We’ve Been Struck by Cupid Kit”? Put together a package of yummy treats, printable activities you print for the recipient (from a shop like ours), little treasures like plastic rings, stickers, toy cars and stuffed animals. Make sure to include our tag and instructions and hang your sign up on your window if you have already been struck!

We provided you with 14 fun things to do during the winter in this blog post, why not use these for 14 Days of Valentine’s Day Activities. Print up our free Countdown Calendar with Treat Jar Tag, grab a candy from the jar and get to having some fun!

Have a Valentine’s Day Breakfast, complete with pink pancakes, hot cocoa with heart-shaped marshmallows and a Cute Scratcher Card you Edit with a fun message to encourage your family on this special day!

For Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities, check out our Mission Leprechaun game or Shamrock Shake Up Dice Game.


Valentine’s Day Express Train

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Valentine Scratcher Cards Editable

Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar and Treat Jar Tag

You’ve Been Struck by Cupid Kit

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Winter Scavenger Hunt, Winter Games, Snowball Fight, Kids Activities

2. Winter Games and Activities

Need to get the family outside? Maybe you need to do a little of both. Set up a Winter Games Scavenger Hunt in your Backyard and hold a Medal Ceremony. Create a Winter Time Capsule and either bury it somewhere or hide it up high in a closet until next year to read what you wrote. Play some Snowman Bowling or pretend you are in a Biathlon shooting at targets with snowballs. Pick your Winter Name and make everyone call you that during the winter months for fun.

There are so many things you can do outside to get everyone moving and enjoying the colder weather too. Our Winter Games and Activities Scavenger Hunt has all the things we mentioned above.


Winter Games and Activities Scavenger Hunt

Cocoa Bar, Cocoa Bombs, Hot Chocolate Bombs, Hot Cocoa Bar, Kids Activities, Hot Chocolate, Family Fun Night, Hot Chocolate Games, Dice Games for Kids

3. Cocoa Bar and Cocoa Games

Who doesn’t love a good Cocoa or Hot Chocolate? This past year the Cocoa Bomb was all the rage. I know because we made them too! We even gifted them to family for some fun during the holiday. Make them small or large, fill them with hot cocoa, marshmallows and maybe some sprinkles and watch the magic happen. We have all the details in the links below.

Don’t want to make Cocoa Bombs? How about just putting together an amazing Hot Cocoa Bar with candy, sprinkles, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows in Snowman shapes, whipped cream, caramel sauce and coconut. Make sure to have fun mugs and spoons. Make chocolate and white cocoa. Even better, paint your own Cocoa Mugs to use for later!

When everyone has made their cocoa why not play a Make Your Hot Cocoa Dice Game. Winners can receive Hot Cocoa Favors, Hot Cocoa Spoons, a mug and more!


Easy Cocoa Bomb Recipe

Cocoa Bomb Tag

Cocoa Bomb Molds

Hot Cocoa Dice Game

Decorate Your Own Mug Kit

Hot Cocoa Favors

Winter Nature Walk, Family Activities, Winter Fun with Kids and Family

4. Winter Nature Walk

Wherever you live, there may be snow or sun. Taking a winter hike is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Make sure the family layers up if there’s cold weather or brings the sun screen if you have those sunny days. If you are in the winter weather and you have snow why not make a snowman along the way, have a snowball fight, or make a fort. A great game in the snow is to play follow the leader’s steps. Don’t forget to bring a sled.

If the sun is shining, we have a great Nature Hike Scavenger Hunt for all ages. Bring some snacks and even a thermos of hot chocolate would be nice (it doesn’t have to be cold to enjoy this winter beverage). While walking, why not create a story with all the things you are seeing along your trail.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Family Movie Night, Holiday Movie Night Printables, Winter Movie Marathon, Holiday Movies, Winter Movies

5. Winter Movie Marathon

Create a Theme! Who says that you can’t watch Holiday Movies after the Holidays? Set the Scene with a fun Movie Marathon Pack you print from home and watch all those movies you didn’t have time for because everyone was busy playing with all their new toys.

Don’t want to go that route? Just cozy up the room with pillows, blankets, popcorn, a nice fire in the fireplace or flameless candles. Dim the lights and pick some favorites like Little Women, Frozen, Polar Express, Happy Feet, Snow Time, The Christmas Chronicles, Snow Day, Ice Age and for older kids The Holiday.


Holiday Movie Marathon Printable Kit

Winter Books for Kids, Winter Book Mark, Winter reading, Mom reading to her kids, Family Reading Night

6. Winter Books for Kids

Snuggle up on the Couch together and read a favorite Winter Book with the family. Pick a Book you can read each night of the month perhaps to keep the anticipation growing throughout the cold winter days.

How about dressing up as a favorite character, act out a scene and read an excerpt from a favorite book. You could even do this virtually. Have several families bring some snacks that have names of their favorite characters in the story, show them off, take turns reading a small paragraph or two and enjoy an evening of reading.

You could even find coloring pages perhaps from your favorite books. Create crafts around the things you read and make it a whole afternoon of literary fun!


Winter Book List for Young Kids

Winter Book List for Older Kids

Pairing Books with Fun Snacks

Bookmark Craft

Bird Houses, Bird Feeder, Bird Feeding with Kids, Birds, Bird Journals, Bird Books

7. Feeding Birds With Kids

Whether you are looking out your own window or taking a nature walk, it’s fun to feed the birds. Why not create a Bird Feeder or create one with bird seed and more? If you have a handy family member then learning how to build a Bird Feeder would be a fun winter project. Or buy them already assembled and paint them and hang them in your yard.

Watch as the birds stay for a moment. Create a Bird Book of your own. Draw the birds you see or paint them.

Why not purchase a Bird Book and when one lands in your yard look to see if you can find it in your book and read what it says? Take pictures with your phone and create a collage to take to your printer and hang in your room! So many fun things to do. How about a Bird Journal? We found one you might like.


Bird Feeder

Bird Houses to Paint

Bird Books

Bird Journals

Life Size Mural, Kids Painting, Kids Drawing, Painting with Kids, Winter Activities with Kids

8. Life Size Murals Activity with Kids

This idea is easy and fun! Most everyone has a roll of Wrapping Paper laying around from all of our Holidays and Birthdays. Why not roll out a piece of wrapping paper and on the white side start creating a life-size mural to hang on your wall. Trace your child’s body and let them draw on the clothes, facial features etc. Use the paper to create a road for toy cars or a back drop for a play that will be put on for the entire family! Create a family mural that depicts your family life.

Weather Activities for Kids, Weather Station for Kids, Weather Science Kits, Weather Graphs for Kids

9. Weather Activities for Kids

If the weather is going to be unpredictable why not create your own weather station and graph for the winter months ahead. There are so many free Graphs to choose from if you google them and your kids can start recording what the weather is like near you. At the end of the month tally how many sunny days there were or how many snowy days there were. Was it cold, windy, warm? What a fun way to start the day.

Want to learn about the weather? How about a weather science kit or create your own weather station?


Weather Graphs for Kids

Weather Science Kit

DIY Weather Station

Weather Station for Younger Kids

Winter Theatre for Kids, Puppet Show Ideas for Kids, Puppet Crafts, Theatre Scripts for Kids, Kids Activities, Family Activities, Winter Ideas for Families

10. Winter Theatre Ideas for Kids

Let’s gather all those costumes we have collected over the years or create our own, set up an area in the home where we can add a curtain made from bed sheets and create our own indoor theatre. Do you have a budding filmmaker? Let those kids film the play on their phone and send it to family and friends when it’s complete.

If a Play is too daunting or scary for some, why not create puppets and a puppet show. You can have kids hide behind a couch or kitchen table that has a table cloth draped over it so no one can see the puppeteers doing their thing.

Take a moment to create puppets from scraps around the house, popsicle sticks, or paper bags. Write your own story or use a short children’s book and read that as your script.


Scripts for Plays

DIY Puppet Ideas

Kindness Cards, Valentines Day Cards for Kids, DIY Greeting Cards, Crafts for Kids, Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids, Winter Ideas for Kids

11. DIY Kindness Greeting Cards

Why not brighten someone’s day. Have everyone sit down at the kitchen table and craft some Greeting Cards that can be dropped off at the door of an Assisted Living Home or elderly neighbor. Call ahead and tell them what you plan to do if heading to a Senior Home and leave the cards and maybe some treats for those that can’t see loved ones or who need a pick me up.


DIY Greeting Card Ideas for Kids

Snowflake Templates, Snowflake Ideas for Kids, Winter Activities for Kids, Snowmen Decorations for Kids, Snowmen Crafts for Kids

12. Snowman Decorations

Once the Holiday Decorations are taken down why not decorate for the Winter? This time it’s all about DIY. Create Snowman Decorations with scraps around the house or craft items you have collected over the years. Add in a few Snowflakes too. We provided you with a Snowflake Template and Instructions. Color your snowflake any way you like, cut and hang with ribbon or string.


Snowman Decoration Ideas 1

Snowman Decoration Ideas 2

Snowflake Template and Instructions

DIY Cardboard Crafts for Kids, Cardboard, Cardboard Ideas, Kids Activities, Family Activities, Winter Activities for Kids

13. Cardboard Box Ideas

Oh, what to do with all of those boxes you received from those holiday purchases. Why not turn them into a few fun winter activities. Create a Slide on a staircase (see these all over the internet and be safe about them), create a coffee shop complete with a bakery and Latte Maker, create a pirate ship or an entire life-size village! The possibilities are endless. Sit the family down to decide what they want to do and then with some boxes, tape, and other craft items get down to work!


Cardboard Box Ideas for Kids

Pen Pals for Kids, Kids Writing, Girl Writing, Learn to Write a Letter, Letter Writing, Small things to send in an Envelope, Envelopes, Gifts for Pen Pals, Winter Activity for Kids

14. Pen Pals for Kids

Long gone are the days where we used to have to write thank you notes or send someone a letter to let them know how our family was doing. Some schools still find pen pals for their classrooms from other countries and their students. But, how fun would it be to start sending other family members or friends we know a special letter. Ask an Aunt or Grandparent to be your pen pal!

Teach your kids how to write a letter, buy some fun stationery and stamps and write about your favorite things, what you had for dinner, when you will go on vacation again and ask questions that you want to know about your pen pal too. Adults love to talk about their childhood.

Fit some small items in the envelopes like stickers, balloons, bookmarks and more! Waiting for a letter to come back is so exciting! What a great way to practice writing too.

Save these letters to look back on in the future.


Stationery Sets for Kids

How to write a letter for Kids

Small things that fit in an envelope

Well, there you have it! 14 Fun Winter Activities and Games you can start doing today. Spread these throughout the winter months so you have a list of fun things to do. In fact, we even have a Printable List here to hang on your fridge so you can look at them every day.

Let the whole family plan together. Whatever you decide to do this Winter we know that these things will definitely keep the boredom away. In fact, we are certain that by the time you have done all of these things, Spring will be knocking at your door.


Printable Winter Games and Activities List for the Fridge

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