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I'm an empty-nester mom of boy/girl twins and I have been married for 33 years to the most wonderful man who believes in my dreams.  I have a background in journalism/advertising and I worked as a proofreader and as a publications coordinator.  When my kids were young I loved working and volunteering at their school.  As a room mom, I was all about the parties and making it something the kids would remember.  Maybe that's why combining my love for kid's parties and design seemed like the perfect fit for my Etsy Shop.  

At Grinandprint we make low-screen to no-screen time games and activities so busy parents can spend quality time with their kids.

We make it easy by creating these so you don't have to. Fast and easy, no shopping in a store.

Balance is key when you live in a technology-filled world. We provide a faster solution for imaginative play so you can spend time together. 

Let us know what you would love to see in our shop and we will get right to work on something just for you.

I am a one-woman operation, yep I design and do everything it takes to make my shop work.  I provide Custom Invites and Invites that I edit for you in my shop.  I provide Printable Invites, Scavenger Hunt Games, Party Games, and Party Supplies for Kid's Parties and Parties with the Family.  I'm all about the family and making it a celebration that is affordable and easy to set up. Don't let the one-woman operation scare you.  I am attentive and quick to reply to all of the customers that reach out to me.    


If I had to pick one thing that stands out about my shop it's the games, specifically the Scavenger Hunts.  I take pride in making the Scavenger Hunts more than just a card with text. We use QR Codes for added fun and our themed Scavenger Games make great gifts as well!  In fact, we have had customers purchase them, print and gift them for a future day with the family and friends.  

I hope you will take a look at my shop and tell me what you think.  I hope you will subscribe to my emails and that you will let me help you celebrate with your family.

Thanks for stopping by!

Michele Trombley

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